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Discoloured Ring 0 Debugger

This thingy does produce coloured symbols on your screen :).
It supports different coloured rasters :).
By the way - it is a Ring 0 debugger :).
Branched of the Rasta Ring 0 Debugger project.
Intel 386 processor dependent; IBM computer dependent; OS independent Windows XP.
I mostly probably have broke other than WinXP OS support; unintentionally; though you may report about what could I do for the better compatibility.
The politic of the author of the original is kept : publishing only source code, and not the executables.
(Big upset for the software cracking people :) )
Rasta Ring 0 Debugger (rr0d) you can find at

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Discoloured Ring 0 Debugger source code. 738 KB

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