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Drag Watcher

Executable files watching tool (own compiled for example), collecting statistical information about a program execution.
Collects primary EIP position statistics, periodically, after small periods of time (1ms normally) getting EIP value.
Uses debugging functions of Windows.
Helps me to find out slowest points in my programs' subroutines; that would be possible to detect them,
and rewrite to inline assembler (or remake the program working princip in that place).
Better - to use it with appropriate .map file(s), because then you will have the results with the function names.
Again, take the sources, especially because the description file is there only.
Version 96 "Drag_Watcher.exe" MD5 is : 4343087F4CDB94D698FD5CEA36169262
Latest version executable I have not seen a reason to publish; expecting, that if you need this tool, then you also should be able to compile the latest version from source code.

Name Size Download
Drag Watcher's source code. 93 KB
Drag Watcher's source code. 77 KB
zipped executable; compile mode - Release. 56 KB

One of the first programs, where I was used it, was my try to compile mpeg (lame mp3) audio compressor executable "lame.exe".
Requires Windows 2000 at least (tested only on WinXP).

Tags : watch, register, spectate, collect statistic, working, executable, slow down, place, point, subroutine, function.